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Meet Dr. Leslie

Certified Swiss Biological Medicine

After finishing her medical degree and internship, Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya pursued further medical knowledge and training, working with a renowned physician, Thomas Rau, M.D. at the Paracelsus Clinic, in Switzerland, receiving certification in Swiss Biological Medicine.

Dr. Valle-Montoya incorporates her medical training and knowledge in a special program, of which she is an integral part, at the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program/Cancer & Chronic Immune Disease Program is now offered at Hippocrates which has over the last 60 years successfully focused efforts on helping people activate their own healing mechanism. Doctor Leslie Valle-Montoya works with people challenged by cancer and chronic disorders through integrating Bioenergetic medicine, nutrition and Biological medicine. 

Equipped with the knowledge and tools to help change lives for the better,  Dr. Valle-Montoya believes integrative medicine offers patients the option: to choose, and combine conventional medicine with alternative medicine to heal and rejuvenate.  Her experience with cancer wellness programs has been life changing.  Dr. Valle-Montoya learned that by nurturing mind/body/spirit, individuals can reach optimum health and a resilient outcome.  She wants you to experience healthy living and a personal transformation that will guide you to a full and happy life.

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