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About Biological Medicine Global Consulting

Please feel free to email me if you are interested in medical health consultation via telephone or Skype consultations.

The Key to a long and vibrant life

is a healthy mind and healthy gut.  This is achievable and crucial for everyone.  But to achieve this excellent health status requires certain amount of awareness.  It takes knowledge, commitment and patience.

Biological Medicine has been practiced for years around the world integrating various old alternative healing methods in conjunction with traditional medicine.  And there are principles in which Biological Medicine needs to address:  (1) A toxic overload will become an illness, and can later become a disease; (2) Disease is the expression of a reduction in a body's ability to regulate itself leading to degenerative development.  Our bodies are a dynamic system; constantly breaking down and building up.  If organs are able to regulate themselves then they are able to regenerate and heal themselves.  Biological Medicine is based on the approach of treating the whole person - not the disease - by restoring and balancing one's own healing potential. 


Empower you

& Rejuvenate Your

Immune System

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